Our Office

Oral health is important at every age. We welcome the entire family, from toddlers to seniors, ensuring healthy smiles at every stage of life. We have a special seniorโ€™s program- a 10% courteousy discount. Itโ€™s our way of celebrating together this important milestone. We canโ€™t forget our young patients either. To cultivate a Lifetime of healthy habit we have a No Cavity Club program, where each child that is cavity free at their check-up enters the No Cavity Club and is eligible for a draw to win a gift certificate from TorysRus.

Lifetime Dental was designed with patient comfort in mind. From the modern office layout, the soothing colors, the warm lighting and all that is contained were selected with you and your experience in mind so that all patients will feel comfortable and confident in their dental treatment. Not only that but to ensure that we provide the best possible care, we emphasize communication and personalized care for all of our patients.

By Using some of the most exciting innovations in dental treatment, we make your appointment easier and more comfortable too. For example, new digital x-rays reduce radiation you are exposed to while making it easier for us to explain your current state of oral health and any recommended treatments. Our advanced Dental Microscope can take high resolution images to reveal minute details. Our intraoral cameras make it easy for you to understand your dental conditions at a glance. And our high speed, efficient fully computerized work flow makes your treatment coordination fast, efficient and accurate. We are a fully digital, โ€˜paperlessโ€™ office.

Dr. Kim and his team are happy to answer any questions you may have about your dental health. We invite you to contact our office at any time to discuss your oral health concerns.